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导读:英语初级听力课本部分参考答案(13课开始),Lesson 13 1. 2. 1. Three gin and tonics. Because drinks are not served before 12 o’clock midday. The table-cloth is very dirty.2. Soup stains. 3. Yes. He is going to change it immediately. 1. He can’t understand how 10 marks plus 12 mar


Lesson 13 1. 2. 1. Three gin and tonics. Because drinks are not served before 12 o’clock midday. The table-cloth is very dirty.2. Soup stains. 3. Yes. He is going to change it immediately. 1. He can’t understand how 10 marks plus 12 marks plus 65 marks 50 pennies can add up to 177 marks 50 pennies. 2. He admits the mistake and apologizes for it. 1. left school 2.wrote his first book, Rag Doll. 3. went to Indonesia 4. met his wife 5. bought a farm 6. started making documentaries for TV 7. published his 2nd novel, The Cold Earth. 8. made the film Eastern Moon1. A new fridge 2. not more than 140 cm high. 3. 50cm wide and 130 cm high. 4. 129 pounds. 5. Yes. 20-25, medium good-looking long 1. Perfect Partner ’s Ltd 2. Both of them want a friend of the opposite sex. 3. Yes. They are husband and wife. 5. 25 pounds 47 Riverside Road, London SE1 4LP. 10th May, 1989 Dear Chris, Thanks for your letter. I’m sorry I haven’t answered it sooner but writing is difficult at the moment. I fell off my bike last week and broke my arm. It isn’t anything serious and I’ll be OK in a few weeks. Your holiday sounds fantastic. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Some one at work went to Jamaica last year and had a wonderful time. When are you going exactly? I hope you ’ll have good weather. There isn’t really much more news from here. I’ll write a longer letter in a few weeks. Send me a postcard and give my regards to everyone. Yours mid-20s tall dark handsome

Kim.Lesson 14 1. Geneva 2. By air 3. Because he prefers morning flights. 2. She wants to be slimming. 4. 9:20 5. 8:15 1. To have some more chicken. 1. A cup of tea 1. Black coffee 2. Coffee 3. A very small piece.3. He wants milky coffee without sugar. 3. Because they need her service.2. Yes. A portion of strawberry tart.Steak and ice-cream bank office, ground floor, International, Browning, 5:30 tomorrow, 12:00 noon, one’s departure, keep the room 3:00 p.m. 9:30 a.m. 3:00 p.m , he was late for breakfast, make it hurriesHenderson’s car will be ready by 6 p.m. Thursday. Mr. Adam’s mother-in-law is arriving on Thursday The ad will be in Friday’s paper, 13th of the month. baked bean, 100 tins All her food is to be delivered to her house. This afternoon. Forty-eight tins Because she wants to save the food for war. Because she can’t stand fish. enquire. inquire, acquire, require, request, get down on one’s kneessailor, a pub, Liverpool, very drunk, around 11 p.m., midnight, on his hands and knees, there, my wallet, down there, in that street, here, demanded, the light85, millionaire, an American university, a long, healthy life, very rich at the same time, the audience, all those things, , 39, explain that, for a moment, long enoughsecret, simple, save every,Lesson 15 Dialogue1: Vienna, first class, BE 502 9:25 Heathrow F T F F, FTFDialogues2-4: meat pie, tea, cheese cake, c a chardly eatendelicious, I ought to, a nice cup of tea, I’d love one. tempting, wouldn’t mind Dialogue 5: b a b

Dialogue 6 F T F F Dialogue 7: c a c c Dialogue 8:b c,owe… to, one from, OK, have one of mineeleven, ten to one tomorrowDialogue 9: F T F F in particular, appeals, that kind of, might be, I ’d need references Tidy up interfere with, interpret: explain the likely meaning, interrupt In a restaurant. Three. A waiter and two customers—a man and a woman. house wine, half of bitter, soup, steak,. come this way, do for you, order, starters, your steak done, the wine list James 22 winner of this year’s London to Brighton cycle race. self-taughtbus conductress the age of 5bought by herself by working overtime to have a long hot bath and relax make remarks/comments on The girl interrupts when he is talking. The girls’ clothes The girl is wearing make-up. The girl’s way of doing homework. The girl’s friends and favorite records. Dictation: Philip is a very interesting boy. He is clever but he doesn’t like school. He hates studying but he is very keen on learning new practical skills. In his spare time he often repairs motorbikes. He likes helping the neighbours in their vegetable gardens, too.Lesson 16 Dialogue1: c c; Dialogue 2:a c c b Dialogue 3: 3. 75 pence influenza Dialogue 4: b a b c c 1. In a post office (pound) dollar-cent 2. She wants to send a greetings telegram to Germany and buy a book of stamps and half a dozen air mail labels.

Dialogue 5: F F F T Dialogue 6: b c Dialogue 7: F T F T Dialogue 8: 1. They are roommates. 2. His radio is terribly loud and he often uses the first speaker’s soap. 3. To turn down his radio in a fraction and to buy his own soap. disturbing, felt so strongly soup, dress, the day after tomorrow, on earth dry cleaning, tomorrow morning, the same day, arrange it, madam, really, wonderful an early call, fix that for, waking device, at the head of, set it to a Maxi Quarterpounder a banana long boat cheeseburger green salad cold milk cola\(2)—(a+e+c); (1+6+4)—(b+d+f); (5+3) portable catching the same train in the morning; sitting in the same office all day watching the same television programs, they hunted for their food, they grew their own vegetables, they did things for themselves. The same sort of job, no various--variety, he needs a holiday anxious, anxiety portable, c, c, b, a’ T, FFTF encyclopedia Dictation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. What was the worst problem you encountered in your present job? How did you handle it? Why do you want to leave your present job? What are you most proud of having done in your present job? Why do you think you are qualified for this job? What sort of boss would you most like to work for? Supposing a member of your staff was frequently away from work, claiming to be ill, what action would you take? If you were working as a part of the team, what unspoken rules of behavior would you observe? How long do you plan to stay in this job?shake, tremble, quiver, shiver

seasick, airsick, be bound to do sth Lesson 17 3 pence 82 pence postage, Thailand, check, need, else, 1.Because the other person has the TV so loud. 2. Because the other one took it away without permission have, so loud, trying to sleep I really ought to have known better. have, so loud, trying sleep 3. Sam. He still feels homesick. In England. think, life in England, feeling, homesick, bound, strange, first 4. b, were off, soon, stay a little longer, late already, shame 5. a, quite catch, out of your way, on my way home 6. a, shivery, pain, stomach, had it, best part, a week fairy tale, folk story, science fiction It’s time that you got up/left. I would rather that you painted the door grey. ascend/go up, descend/go down, decrease/increase, switch on/off/toguts:courage have/get a crush on:be in love with get down on one’s knees leave out 1. a, c, b, b, sort of start with Would you prefer 2. b, a, c, b,a reserve, for five, I’m afraid, serve lunch, 3 p.m., 2 o’clock, by a window 3. c, c, a, c, b a table for two, At what time, Kryzkoviak, look forward to B. a, c, c, c, F T T F C. F, F, T, F ccbcba, descended, through, landed in the middle, a green, put on, opened, climbed, down, stepped onto, took off, helmets, breathed, stuck, take off Dictation There were angry scenes yesterday outside No. 10 Downing Street as London school teachers protested

about their salaries and conditions. London teachers are now in the second week of their strike for better pay. Tim Burston, BBC correspondent for education was there. correspondence,keep correspondence with , correspondence courseLesson 18 1. c, Not lunch, have, new brand. 2. a, Believe, take in, Nine, per week, heating 3. a, wonder, fit me in, tomorrow, 4: b, needed, part-timers, hotel, some sort, look back in, 5. b, How like, like, washed, leave as it is 6. In a department store, A brown suede jacket Because it is sold out, but the promises to ring him if any more gets in. Served, in the way brown suede forty-two, sold right out, likely, getting in 7. 54655, To tell Mary that John rang her the line, out 8. No. resident Yes. have a word with/have words with, June, Right Fridayresidentboard, broad, ccbac 1. Malinen, Finnish, waitress, Hotel Scandinavia, 1976-1980, brushing up her English2.five, bringing in the dishes, serving, looking after the bills. 40 pounds a week, a free evening meal, the manF, F, T, F ccabbccb tone, tune, melody, pitch, rhythm Come in. Oh, it’s you again, Tom. What have you done this time? I’ve cut my finger and it’s bleeding a lot. Let me see, Tom…Hmmm, that is a bad cut. I can clean it and put a plaster on it, but you’ll have to see the doctor.

yellowish, longish illegal 1. c, b, a, expecting, This way, 2. c, b, do for a living, give legal advice, I see, a solicitor, you mean, was looking for, vocabulary, I’m afraid. Never mind. 3. T, F, T, F 4. c, c, b, b, a,4-(3+7+10)-8-2 9- (1+6)-5 It’s not nearly as cold as yesterday. 6. T, T, F, T 7. Excuse me, the James Bond film, Do you happen to, how to find out, local paper, which page it is on, Here it is, which performance 8. b, a, c, b, 9. 1)The way to the swimming pool. 2) No, she cannot because she is a stranger there. 3) The man over there. 4) On the other side of the road. b, c, c, a, c, b, b, bT: 2, 6, 8 C, b, b, F, F, F running, sheepdog, started barking at, kick it out of the way, jumped up, bit him, the leg, go to the doctor, it wasn’t infected (with the virus) mild catch one’s breath, take a breath, out of breathLesson 19 Doctor Sowanso is the Secretary General of the United Nations. He’s one of the busiest men in the world. He’s just arrived at New Delhi Airport now. The Indian Prime Minister is meeting him. Later they’ll talk about

Asian problems. Yesterday he was in Moscow. He visited the Kremlin and had lunch with Soviet leaders. During lunch they discussed international politics. Tomorrow he’ll fly to Nairobi. He’ll meet the President of Kenya and other African leaders. He’ll be there for twelve hours. The day after tomorrow he’ll be in London. He’ll meet the British Prime Minister and they’ll talk about European economic problems. Next week he’ll be back at the United Nations in New York. Next Monday he’ll speak to the General Assembly about his world tour. Then he’ll need a short holiday. bcab, cbacc bcab, cbacc 3. War and Peace, The Empire Cinema, In the Entertainment’s Guide.4.got—are; have been, a, will be able to, what the weather ’s like, nearly, goodness 5. acbc, 7.ccbbGod bless you!(7+4)-8—(2+10)--6 (1+5+9)—11—34, 6 ,T a little longer, miss, hurry, Good gracious, again soon, most kind ofon empty long roads; in traffic jams, for lights to change; in a good driver ’s car, to being a passenger enjoy, be fond of, don’t mind, prefer ccbb happened, sitting, into a conversation, a date, the same evening, a lot in common, same interests, the same things have much/little/a little/a lot…in commonBecause his boss has come into the office. Blackmail, burglary, fraud, hijacking, kidnapping, mugging, shoplifter, smuggler, appeal, caution, cell, death penalty, defense, imprisonment, innocent/guilty, probation prosecution, corporal punishment, solicitor/barrister/lawyer

Bacb 8. DessertCover charge, beer, Starter ,main course,vegetables, Beer, Dessertcigarettes5. 6.7. Beer9. Cigarettes charged me twice, the figure of 5.50, here and then again check it for you do too loud, want one, 2. a spider on the bread, catch it 3. doing the backstroke the hot liquid kills meat rations, extra chargeLesson 20: Dictation: Every color has a meaning. And as you choose a color, you might like to remember that it ’s saying something. We’ve said that red is lovable. Green, on the other hand, stands for hope; it is tranquil. Pink is romantic, while brown is serious. White is an easy one—white is pure. Orange is generous. Violet is mysterious, turquoise is strong and blue is definitely feminine.compound word, blend NBA, borrowing,warm-hearted, hard-working…smog; smoke+fog, motel, motor+hotel.a good holiday abroad travelling around Europe. to get a job in advertising of some kind a temporary job for a year or so to save as much money as possible as a waiter in a restaurant to open my own restaurant 1. In the evening; 2. Victoria Hall; 3. The annual presentation of the Nurse of the Year Award. 4.The first Nurse of the Year. 5. More than forty years 6. Thirty years ago. 7. Miss Helen Taylor; 8. Her senior officers, her colleagues and the parents of the children she nurses. 9. “Efficient but patient”, “helpful and happy”, “strict and caring”, “human and interested” 10. Dame Alice Thornton award sb. sth., reward sb. for sth. Lesson 21 Dictation: Ours/Our perfume is a very expensive perfume. When people see it or hear the name we want them to salary,

think of luxury. There are many ways to do this. You show a woman in a fur coat, in a silk evening dress, maybe covered in diamonds. You can show an expensive car, an expensive restaurant, or a man in a tuxedo. We decided to do something different. We show a beautiful woman, simply but elegantly dressed, beside a series of paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, and it works. Because she is wearing the perfume, and because she is next to expensive and beautiful paintings, our perfume must be beautiful and expensive too. It does work. adjust oneself to; adapt oneself to; luxuriousmake profits Lesson 22 you see, something of a special, guest star, the tickets do cost 250 marks each, you would like one, a few back for the residents, Good Lord, 35 pounds, on second thoughts, a bottle of scotch to, entertain myself Scotch Whisky a bit of celebrationextra extremely, attend to it right away, housekeeper, have been, with; not the(no), sort of thing, a well-run hotel 199 pounds, 372 pounds 400 pounds, 103; 343; 311; 243; Holiday planning time Something interesting, something less expensive Time and money abccacLondon, Kathmandu, London, ten weeks, 4th April, 1,100 pounds, specially adapted, sleeping, cooking, a shower system, six or eight months, control Dictation: I have always been interested in making things. When I was a child I used to enjoy painting, but I also liked makings things out of clay. I managed to win a prize for one of my paintings when I was fourteen. That is probably the reason that I managed to get into art college four years later. But I studied painting at first, not pottery. I like being a potter because I like to work with my hands and feel the clay, I enjoy working on a potter’s wheel. I’m happy working by myself and being near my home. I don’t like mass -produced things. I think crafts and craftspeople are very important. When I left college I managed to get a grant from the Council, and I hope to

become a full-time craftswoman. This workshop is small, but I hope to move to a larger one next year. Trouble, charged me twice the figure Of 5.50, here and slip down, slide, slither, be hooked by, be addicted to, be indulged in, Lesson 23 6. 7. Beer 8. Dessert 9. Cigarettes BACB 4. Main course(Please serve the main/next course.) 5. Vegetables1. Cover charge, 2. Beer 3. Starterbring me the bill, a mistake, the trouble, charged me twice, the figure of 5.50, here and then again, check it for you. feel at ease 1. do too loud, want one, 2. a spider on the bread, catch it, 3. doing the backstroke, 4. impossible, A dead fly, 5. the hot liquid, kills, 6. meat rations, 7. extra charge.strange thing, yesterday, on a bus, get off, stood up and rang the bell, he rang it twice, didn’t stop, shouted at himBecause the truck was always empty. Draper told Sam that he was a smuggler. Because what Draper was smuggling was trucks. fishing-rod, hook Dictation: Are you a morning person or an evening person? That ’s the question. When do you work best? For me the answer is easy. I work best in the morning. All my creative work is done before lunchtime. I get up at about eight, and then have breakfast. I listen to the radio a bit, and read the papers. And then I start. Usually I work from nine or nine-thirty until twelve but after that I’m useless. On a good day I write fifteen hundred words or more, sometimes two thousand words, in the morning. Then after lunch I go for a walk, or read. In the evening I like to relax, go to the pub or go out and meet people. If you are a writer you need self-discipline,self-confidence, commitment. But if you’re tired, it shows: the mind and body must be fresh. refresh add, and; subtract/substract, from; multiply, by; divide, by stumble

Lesson 24: 6 18 21;12 7 14;16 15 24;2 4 4 10%; 23%; 3/8; 1/16; 9/2=4.5;2.46% BBAACAA grill salmon trillion-billion-million-thousand-hundred1. She was going up to bed. 2. do his little jobs. 3.She was sitting up in bed reading a book and eating chocolates. 4. A gate banging downstairs. 5. He must shut the gate.Bbaacaa Well, I think that this problem of teenagers getting into trouble with the law is mainly caused by unemployment. You see, because of the high level of unemployment, so many teenagers nowadays leave school and find that they have no chance of getting a job, and this obviously makes them feel bored and frustrated. And as a result of this, they’re much more likely to get drunk and so on. Another thing of course is that you get groups of unemployed teenagers wandering around the streets with nothing to do, which can easily lead to trouble of one sort or another. As a result, As a result of result from, result in thought group 1)12:01:50;2)05938, 3)325, 4)3.45 5)2,800 pounds 8)68p 15.99 9)78,956 pounds 10)3,250,000 14)2,398; 2,489; 2,4636)3:0; 2:1;7) 0.4, 2064.8, 8 points, 1794.3 11)5.68% 12)1/8 13)11.45 pounds, 14 10 pounds, 6.35 pounds 3.65 pounds an eighth pound-pence; stroke, on the stroke, sun stroke/heat stroke, ccaaa cabba1. 3.05 pounds, 4.30 pounds 55p, 7.90 poundsbacbbcc

Dow Jones Index fell by point four nilfishery, descend from stumbleLesson 25: It was early afternoon, and the beach was almost empty. It was getting hot now. Most of the tourists were still finishing their lunch back at the hotel, or taking their afternoon siesta in the air—conditioned comfort of their rooms. One or two Englishmen were still lying stretched out on the sand, determined to go home with a good suntan, and a few local children were splashing around in the clear shallow water. There was a large yacht moving slowly across the bay. The girl was on board. She was standing at the back of the boat, getting ready to dive. Jason put on his sunglasses and casually wandered down towards the sandy beach. 1. (4/9/77), or (4th September, 1977) 2.(24/8/63), 0r(24th August, 1963) 3. (7/7/43), or( 7th July, 1943) 1066, 1776, 1801, 1918, 2000, 55 B.C. 0202-27414, 014832911, 030423877, 014414466, 0473589051.RSVP:Respondez sil vous plait), 5. pp 6. ie 7. eg 13. VIP 15.Ave(Avenue) 22. A.D. P.S.(Postscript) 14. Gt(Great)2. etc(et cetera)3. c/o(care of ) 4. approx(approximately) 9. Ltd 10. Co 11. v(versus) 12.8. PTO(Patent and Trademark Office) 16. Rd 17. St 18. Gdns19. Sq 20. Pk 30. AA(Automobile Association 31.21. Cres(Crescent)23. B.C. 24. am 25. pm 26. MP(Member of Parliament) 27. BBC 29. TUC(Trades Union Congress) 33. EEC28. VAT(Value Added Tax) RAC(Royal Aero Club) 32. PCa women’s liberation group, yesterday, talked rubbish, unfemine to protest, be seen heard, a woman ’s place in the home, feeding supporting, inferiority/superiority to junior/senior/prior to;cbaac, cca Lesson 26:

Jacqueling got out of the bus and looked around her. It was typical of the small villages of that part of the country. The houses stood in two long lines on either side of the dusty road which led to the capital. In the square, the paint was peeling off the Town Hall, and some small children were running up and down its steps, laughing. On the other side, there were a few old men sitting outside a caféplaying backgammon and smoking their pipes. A lonely donkey was quietly munching the long dry grass at the foot of the statue that stood in the center of the square. Jacqueling sighed. relive the scene, relieve the pain/pressure, release the energy/the news

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